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  :: About Bernina

Our Bresaola Bernina complies with the long standing tradition of the original product created in the Valtellina, but it is manufactured in Uruguay from free range, grass-fed beef that comes from cattle raised in the open, over large extensions of green natural pastures, free of hormones and growth promotants, using no animal protein in feed, factors which led our country to acquire a BSE Free certificate.

Thanks to the technical support of Salumificio Menatti – member of the selected group of the Conzorzio di Produzione Bresaola della Valtellina IGP, our Bresaola Bernina can equal the one manufactured at the Valtellina. Such perfect blend of Uruguayan natural tasty beef and the Italian traditional technique is what gave birth to our motto: ‘Uruguayan Nature, Italian Style’

Our Bresaola Bernina can be distinguished from other cured meats by its exceptional nutritional characteristics since it’s 98% lean but extremely rich in protein and minerals and gives a good supply of zinc, iron, vitamin B2 and vitamin PP. It is advisable for all ages and particularly recommended for nutritional programs for children, the elderly and sportspersons.

 * Uruguay is one of the four countries officially certified as BSE Free – also known as ‘mad cow disease’- by the OIE World Organization For Animal Health