Italian Flower

Bread stick wrapped with fresh basil, Bresaola and a pitted black or green olive on top.

Serves 6 as antipasto, yields 12-14 pieces
Bresaola, ¼ pound, sliced paper-thin
Bread sticks (on the thinner side), 1 package
Fresh Basil, about 30 larger leaves
Very large pitted black olives, 1 can
Large queen pitted olives (optional)

Take 2-3 basil leaves and wrap around the top of the bread stick, like rose petals. When holding basil in place, wrap one slice of Bresaola tightly around the base of the basil. Insert black olive over end of bread stick. If you are going to use green olives, remove the “stuffed pimento”. Should not be assembled more than 4 hours before serving.
Bresaola is an air-dried cured and aged beef Salume, obtained from the most valuable cuts of the bovine thigh. Intense and uniform red color, tender and soft with delicate flavor and spiced aroma, Bresaola is lean and healthy.